Rajiv is working as a Deputy Manager at a reputed event management company. He is earning his salary in 6 digits & today its safe to say that he is financially stable. Sounds like a dream job, isn’t it? Well it could be for some of us but not for him. Rajiv has always been passionate about singing.  
He sang every year at the annual function in his college & also had been singing for his friends & family since he was 5. But, when it came to choose a career for himself, he chose MBA. Why do you think he did that?

Now that’s a question I want to ask each & everyone of you who is stuck in a wrong profession. Just because he or she could not find proper guidance or correct exposure or even good returns in what they were really passionate about, they chose to be a part of the herd. In our country, there is a lot of social pressure built on us right from the time we enter school. Everything we do in our lives is being compared with others.

People end up choosing a career which they are not very well versed with but they still went ahead with it due to this blind race that they are made part of.
Raj kumar Hirani made an excellent attempt in “3 Idiots” to show us what is the difference between running behind “success” & achieving “excellence” in something.
Follow your dreams. If you have a talent, don’t waste it. Excel in what YOU think you are good at & not what others force upon you. Having said that, Im not saying that if you chose the wrong career then there is no way to go back & you are stuck forever. No. There’s never too late to do what YOU truly believe in.

Take some time out from your daily routine to follow your dreams. Take that 1st step towards it & I’m sure there won’t be any looking back. It could be anything. From singing to painting. From acting to adventure sports. From dancing to story writing. From learning martial arts to learn how to play a guitar. No matter what it is, as long as YOU want it to happen, it will happen. I might sound a bit melodramatic at this time. But I would call it being “Melo-Dreamatic”.
Live your dreams. Follow them & achieve them. That’s the thought I will leave you guys with.

Do comment if you like this blog & feel free to share any such instances where you were able to succeed in achieving your goals.


Disclaimer : All characters/places/names etc. used in this blog are used only as a mode to explain a point of view. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead,  any real names is purely coincidental. The views expressed in the blog are solely of the writer and does not mean any harm in anyway to any person/places/names etc. 


Cockroach’s day out! 

So today morning I thought lets go down & relish on some fresh Idli chutney for breakfast. When I went down, I saw some dead bodies lying all over the place…

Okaaayy…relax..all I meant was some dead roaches… dead crushed cockroaches.. So anyway, I ignored all that & headed towards the “Idli wala” & to my surprise, I saw even him fighting with those damn cockroaches.. In fact, every one around me were busy stamping their foot on d ground..for a moment it all looked like a “Flash Mob” to me… So anyway, after all that foot stomping and chappal throwing, I decided NOT to eat from there coz I saw some un-cooked roach wing floating on the chutney & it was not listed on the menu..!!

After coming back home empty handed & with empty stomach, I had a cup of tea and Parle G(that’s all I had left). But to satisfy my urge to find out WHY so many cockroaches were out on the streets, I looked it up on the internet & THIS is what I found!!!

It seems during summer, especially around the time when  monsoon is expected any time soon, the temperature goes really really high for some time during mornings & that heats up all the water flowing in our city’s gutter. So because of all these severe climatic changes, the cockroaches, who are having a good time down stairs with their friends & families, could not bear the heat(natural sauna) & decides to come out and get some fresh air.
Imagine how we could relate this to a zombie attack…”A city under attack…by Cockroaches”..ha ha ha..

To my surprise, I even read in the newspapers this morning that a cockroach was found in a Paratha in Atria Mall. Similarly, another cock roach was found in a Veg.Biryani served on a Mumbai-Goa train. Could it be that the poor cockroach was planning to go stay at his cousin in Goa for some time, took a train too but never made it?

Anyway, I’m leaving you’ll with that thought. Until next week, stay healthy, stay safe & stay clean…


I was standing on the station, waiting for my train to arrive. A man passed by & co-incidentally I sneezed right behind him.  I, immediately said “sorry”(we all do that, especially when we are in a public place). To my surprise, that man who was passing by, stopped & turned towards me in shock, as if I had stolen his 100 rupee note. Since the stare continued for over 10 seconds, I very politely asked him,”kya hua bhai?”

He said, “Mera kaam kharab kar diya tum. Maloom hai kisi ke piche se cheenk marega to usko panvati(bad luck) lagta hai?”
He left me speechless. For a moment, I felt like holding this man with both my hands & shake him out of his thoughts & remind him about the year & the age that we live in.
Anyway, the man left, murmuring something in muffled voice(I’m sure he was cursing me) & my train arrived. I got in to the compartment & I had carried a book along to read during my journey but now I decided not to coz my mind was filled with endless questions about our nations biggest setback:
Beliefs. Or should I say “Dis-beliefs”.
Today we have advanced in so many fields. We have evolved from “jet” age to what I like to call a “smart” age. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart AC etc. Technology is at its peak & I’m sure there’s lot more to come. 
Even after all these logical advancements in our day-to-day life, I still see people stopping their cars on the road, say a little prayer & then move ahead. Why? Because a cat crossed their way. That poor cat may not even know what bad luck she is carrying on her head for humans. 
There are many such unrealistic & illogical beliefs in our country which have some serious consequences. For example :- “Bali”, “Shubh-Ashubh”, stepping on a lemon lying on the street,etc.
I personally feel that there is no such thing as “good luck” or “bad luck”. All that you do in your life has its own outcome. Work hard, or as we say these days, work smart & you’ll get your returns.
Sometimes, I am misunderstood by many people as an “Aethist” or an “Agnostic”. But, trust me, I’m not either of them. I like to believe in god. I like to believe that there is someone who is looking at us from above & taking care of us. That’s my belief. Its more of a self motivation really. 
What it does for me is whenever I find myself in a fix, I keep telling myself that there is a way out of it. Just like Amir khan’s character from the movie “3 Idiots”, say “All is well” repeatedly & that will boost up your confidence. You will start working towards getting a solution.

So this was my take, my perspective, my way of looking at life. You are not forced to believe what I think & what I say.
Do what “feel is right, live freely, follow what your heart says and spend a happy  & healthy life.

Feel free to write what you feel of my blog in the “comments” section.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely mine & and do not reflect disrespect of any nature to anyone or to any community,etc. or blind belief in any of the above mentioned thoughts, views,, opinions, techniques, exercises, etc. I am only sharing what I believe & not asking/forcing anyone to follow the above mentioned thoughts, views, ideas, opinions, etc. Also all the characters/names/places/ etc. used in this blog are not based on any real life incidents/names/etc. Resemblance to any person/place/community/ are purely co-incidental.

“Tic Toc” (revisited) 

(This is an old blog of mine that I thought needed some modifications, so if you are reading this for the 2nd time, I want to thank you in advance)  🙂 

Time Machine” , “Time Travelers”, “Blast From The Past”…

What comes to your mind when you hear such things ? Yes, you are on the right track. I feel each and every person , at least once in his or her lifetime must have thought about time travelling. I’m sure many of us would love to go back in time & re-live those unforgettable moments that they have spent with their loved ones, or go back to the good old school days.  Some people would like to see their future & find out how their life would turn out to be in the next couple of years. 

The way I see it, we all are time travellers. We all travelled from last year to this year & will move in to the next year. We travel at a rate of 1 hour per hour. But can we go 2 hours per hour? Or 30minutes per hour? I don’t know. While doing my own little research on the internet, I came to know about a few things about time travelling. Here goes:
Great scientist Albert Einstein had developed a theory called “Special Relativity”. As per this theory, time & space are both aspects of the same thing-“Space Time”. It means that if we are able to travel in space time, then our time rate window might change. For example : Lets say I get into a space craft that takes me to a place that is really far from earth,  in space time. I spend 3 years in space time & come back on Earth. However, what has been 3 years for me in space time will be 30 years on Earth.

Another theory by Einstein on similar lines is called “General Relativity”.
As per general relativity, it is said that wherever there is gravitational force involved, it slows down time. For example : Earth. However, places like “Black hole”, “Bermuda triangle” & such other unknown phenomenons where gravitational force is maximum, there has been some major time distortion observed. So considering the relativity with Einstein’s theories, scientists of today’s world are trying all that’s possible to create an immense force of energy that gives us the light speed to travel in “space time” & find out if it works.

After knowing all this, I would say that there is a tiny ray of hope that in future, one may have an ability to travel faster than time. On the other hand, there is a lot of talks about a parallel time zone, meaning where we are right now, sitting in our little cubicles at work or lying in our cozy little beds, at that same moment and the same place(questionable) there lies another dimension or a parellel world. Could it be? Just like time travelling, could there be something that helps us travel into a parellel world? Would there be same people or some earthly creatures that we have never encountered before? Apart from some famous tv shows and movies, I could not dig deep. 

So that was all from me. Hope you didn’t find today’s topic too boring
Please leave your comments (its fine if you choose to be anonymous) & let me know if you like it, didn’t like it or may be have something else to share.

Will catch up with you on my next blog, with something new to talk about. Till then, take care & stay healthy.

Disclaimer :The views expressed in the blog are solely of the writer and does not mean any harm in anyway to any person/places/names etc.  All characters/places/names etc. used in this blog are used only as a mode to explain a point of view. Any resemblance to real person/s, living or dead,  any real name/s is purely coincidental. .